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CISCO Networking Academy

CISCO Information Technology Essentials (ITE): PC Hardware and Software

This hands-on, lab-oriented course introduces students to information technology and data communications. The course stresses laboratory safety and working effectively in a group environment. Students will learn how to build a computer and install different versions of the Windows operating system. This course will help prepare students for exciting career opportunities in computer technology.

Upon successful completion of this course, students will receive a Certificate of Completion for IT Essentials: PC Hardware and Software. Acquired competencies include:

  • Building a computer and installation of the motherboard, floppy and hard drives, CD-ROM, and video cards.
  • Installing and managing Windows operating systems,
  • Adding peripherals and multimedia capabilities,
  • Knowledge of local-area network architecture, networking protocols and the OSI model, and TCP/IP utilities,
  • Connecting the computer to a local area network and to the Internet.

Office Technology Workshops

  • Does your organization need help with applications?
  • Having issues with email, sending attachments?
  • Troubles using Word, Excel, or PowerPoint?
  • Need more information regarding IT Security & Risks?
  • Staff having troubles with printing documents?
  • Need help with organizing files and folders?

Technology is a critical tool in today’s workplace. The ability to effectively use the latest software helps individuals maximize their productivity and contribution on the job.

Keewatin Academy of Information Technology – KAIT workshops provide participants with in-class hands-on practical experience and expert instruction in the latest popular office and business software. So, regardless of their experience and position, everyone should have some level of proficiency in personal computing skills to excel in their current job and maintain their competitiveness for career advancement.

The Keewatin Academy of Information Technology – KAIT provides consultation, one-on-one tutorials and custom group training workshops in the new Windows environment and/or other software applications.

Looking for a training package for your office or organization? We can review the software for you and come up with a step-by-step guide that employees can take home to learn the software with a enhanced and easy to use learning guide. We can create visual step-by-step guides based on the objectives you want your audience to learn. We can also deliver a face-to-face or online training session that will cover the guide and provide visual demonstrations. Some examples of software we can assist you in learning are: Email application, Adobe Photoshop, Using Digital Cameras and Scanners (including editting your photos), and many more.


Contact us today to discuss your unique needs and receive an estimate. Call us Toll Free at: 1-866-966-5232 or email:

Canadian Wildlife Federation (CWF) Training

CWF empowers Canadians to help protect wild species and the spaces they call home through beautiful publications, award-winning programs and a balanced approach to wildlife issues .

Project Wild   PROJECT WILD- This program emphasizes wildlife because of their intrinsic, ecological value, as well as their role in teaching how ecosystems function. In the face of competing needs and pressures affecting the quality and sustainability of life on earth, Project WILD addresses the need for human beings to develop as responsible citizens of our planet. It is based on the premise that young people and educators have a vital interest in learning about our natural world.

BELOW ZERO - program designed to promote understanding of wildlife under winter conditions. It's based on the premise that young Canadians have a vital interest in discovering winter and arctic ecology, the role of frozen environments in our natural and cultural heritage, and how our remarkable climate defines our lives and ourselves. It includes instructional activities that teachers can easily integrate into school subjects.

It helps learners of any age develop awareness, knowledge, and skills required to make informed decisions and to take constructive action for wildlife in frozen environments.


Saskatchewan Outdoor and Environmental Education Association (SOEEA) Training

SOEEA encourage educators and people who participate in outdoor recreation to practice and teach environmental responsibility.

 Project Wet  PROJECT WET - is an instructional resource designed by teachers and water resource professionals FOR K-12 classroom teachers, it covers topics such as water chemistry, water quality and human health, climate and weather, water demand management, water conservation, cultural values about water, and how to launch action programs and develop water celebrations and water festivals.

Flying Wild  FLYING WILD - main focus is on migratory birds and is designed to inspire young people to discover more about the natural world. It encourages middle school students to get involved in activities that promote environmental learning and stewardship. Flying WILD will have broad appeal in Saskatchewan Elementary Schools throughout the province. Three of the four North American Flyways pass through Saskatchewan!

 Growing Up Wild  GROWING UP WILD - is an early childhood education program that builds on children's sense of wonder about nature and invites them to explore wildlife and the world around them. Through a wide range of activities and experiences, Growing Up WILD provides an early foundation for developing positive impressions about the natural world and lifelong social and academic skills.

 Leave No TraceLEAVE NO TRACE - is about respecting and caring for wildlands, doing your part to protect our limited resources and future recreation opportunities. Leave No Trace believes that while these impacts are widespread and the causes are complex, the solution is simple: Change behavior through education, research and partnerships one person at a time. Leave No Trace is not a set of rules or regulations. Nor is it simply about remembering exactly what minimum impact skill you can practice in every outdoor situation–how far you should camp from water sources, where to pitch your tent, how to build a minimum impact fire or if you should build one in the first place. Rather, it is first and foremost an attitude and an ethic.

Each of the above courses is available through a five hour, face to face, certification workshop, delivered by Brenda and/or Cara (facilitators). Participants receive the activity guide with complete lesson plans/mini-units with curriculum guide and a Workshop participation certificate. Call us to get an estimate and book your workshop to gain extra resources!


Basic Computer Training

Includes an introduction to the Microsoft Windows XP environment. It will also include training in Internet Explorer and conducting Internet Searches using the popular internet search engines (Yahoo, Google, etc.). The final section in this training booklet introduces students to using web-based e-mails, including how to read and compose a message, and also attach a file to an e-mail message.

Microsoft Office Training

This program covers the objectives required to prepare an individual for the Microsoft Office Specialist certification in Microsoft Office 2010 applications using the Marquee Series Microsoft Office 2010 training ebook (an approved courseware resource). The following office applications are covered: Microsoft Word 2010, Microsoft Excel 2010, and Microsoft PowerPoint 2010.

Basic Computer Maintenance - IT Security

This program covers the applications required to perform virus and spyware cleaning on a computer system. It also looks at the utilities used to run basic maintenance routines that help keep a computer system running at its optimal speeds.

Polycom – Video Conferencing Training

The program is a starter program for users who are new to the Polycom Video Conferencing suites. The program will introduce users to the remote control and on-screen menu guides for proper setup and configuration. It will also instruct users on how to dial a location to begin the video conference process.

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