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Imagine having the size of a school crammed into one tiny office space. This is possible with the help of the Internet and the numerous wonders of Adobe Connect. Through our most excellent software, we are able to create virtual classrooms on a whim and occupy them with as much as one to fifty students (and without all the worry of spitballs and paper airplanes sailing through the air). Students are able to log on to the classroom with the click of a button where they will connect with an instructor in a remote location who can then teach the student using real-time video and audio.

Whether it's lecturing using PowerPoints, computer desktop sharing so students can see the instructor's screen, whiteboarding, broadcasting educational videos, or simply just sitting and talking with students to answer any questions they may have, it is all possible with Adobe Connect!

Formerly known as the FNS Academy (or First Nations SchoolNet Academy), the Keewatin Academy of Information Technology became the new name of the Information Technology distance training institution based out of La Ronge, Saskatchewan. Utilizing video conferencing and other e-Learning platforms such as Adobe Connect and Elluminate, we have been delivering IT training courses since 2003. Our IT Training courses partner with CISCO's NetAcad to deliver quality Information Technology (IT) training in IT Essentials: PC Hardware & Software to individuals aspiring to become computer technicians or begin their journey into an IT-related career. These are industry-leading courses that prepare students for industry-level certifications in the CompTIA A+ certification exams. For more information on these exams and what it means to be certified in these areas, please visit: CompTIA & CISCO. For more information on these courses and others please feel free to visit the Course Information section of our website.

Our training institution provides the training and preparation required to write the certification exam. For more information about any of our programming or how you can get involved, please us our Contact Us section to speak with one our instructors directly.

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